Plague Inc. 1.6.3 FULL UNLOCKED APK


What's New:

Plague Inc. Mutation 6 warning – Speed Runs & the CDC
-Speed Runs - How quickly can you kill the world?
-CDC content - The CDC asked me to meet them and talk about the models of infection in Plague Inc. The CDC now appears inside the game!
-Rebalanced the NAZG achievement for all the rabid fans out there:P
-Lots of new events and news, including a new Necroa Virus origin story
-Other performance and game improvements
-All progress/unlocks are kept when updating - saves will not work though

UPDATED on : Oct 08, 2013
Required Android : 2.2 and up.

Version : 1.6.3

Download Links : [ARMV6, ARMV7]


Plague Inc. 1.6.3 FULL UNLOCKED APK

Just Install Apk and Play....

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