Orig!n MOD for Galaxy Y


What is Origin MOD:

Origin MOD is script package by Xda Member DC07, full of tweaks and system optimization with more features to give you better experience on your phone for great battery life and high performance. Based on pikachu01 Thunderbolt! script but repacked by me to optimized even further to fit our device. Huge thanks to pikachu01 for his Thunderbolt! script.


  •  Overall better performance and better battery life
  •  Less RAM usage through zipalign
  •  Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access
  •  ZRAM script include
  •  Better network throughput from TCP tweaks and 3G tweaks
  •  Faster disk access through remount script (noatime, disable barrier etc)
  •  Faster SDCARD Read/Write Speed
  •  VM Tweaks, battery tweaks and kernel tweaks
  •  Build.prop tweaks and improvements.
  •  Cleans log files and tombstones at every boot.

  • Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) and higher.
  • Kernel with init.d support.
  • Root.
  • ClockworkMod. (4 or higher)
  • At least 4 MB of free space in "/system".

Package Includes:

/etc/init.d/ scripts :
  • 1_builder
  • 60ZRAM
  • 67OriginCalcx
  • 78OriginMod
  • 83OriginControl
  • 99Origin_lagReduction
  • cpugputune
  • S99Systemcleaner
  • z_optimization

/system/xbin/ :
  • haveged
  • sqlite3
  • zipalign

  • mxt224_ts_input.idc...... Thanks to NiTzZ

How to Install:

o  Delete all others script you have installed in "/system/etc/init.d"

o Download the Orig!n.zip & CWM.zip place in root directory of Sdcard

o Reboot in Recovery mode by pressing vol up+home+Power button together once you enter recovery mode touch screen become function-less so use volume up and down to move up and down, home button for selection and power as back button.

o Now in recovery mode select "apply update from sdcard" and navigate to the root directory of sd card and select cwm file "cwm-madteam-galaxY.zip" this will take you to clockworkMod Recovery.

o Mount System And Data

o Now select "install zip from sd" and then choose Orig!n.zip and select yes.

o Reboot

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