Note 3 Lockscreen for Galaxy Y

Hi Guys Presenting Note 3 Lockscreen for Galaxy Y.Shared by Xda Member KnightlyNinja

Note:- will not work in Hyperion 8 GM because it does not have aosp lockscreens but will work in 7 & and 8 pre GM.

How to Flash:

o Download the & place in root directory of Sdcard

o Reboot in Recovery mode by pressing vol up+home+Power button together once you enter recovery mode touch screen become function-less so use volume up and down to move up and down, home button for selection and power as back button.

o Now in recovery mode select "apply update from sdcard" and navigate to the root directory of sd card and select cwm file "" this will take you to clockworkMod Recovery.

o Mount System

o Now select "install zip from sd" and then choose and select yes.

o Reboot

Download Links:

For hyperion (except Hyperion 8 GM) Link
For Evo,Lenox,USSR and all others (any version) Link

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