Game Booster 2.1 Root Android APK

Hi Guys Presenting Game Booster 2.1 Root Android APK.



  • Give a new life to the old phone with GameBooster now!
You are bored because of not able to play a new fighting games on your phone? 
  • No need to buy a new phone to play high-end games! 
  • Improve your games with Game Booster!
  • Choose from four levels of different game mode;

Game Modes:
  • ULTRA Gaming Mode
  • Hard-Mode Gaming
  • Balanced Gaming Mode
  • Light Gaming Mode / Longer
How it Works:
  • This application will reduce the background applications (meno CPU consumption) Decrease the amount of RAM consumed, 
  • New features planned; 
  • Closing the launcher when the game is open, 
  • aplication disable the background
  • disable multitasking (Android 4.0 +).
  • Works on any phone Rooted.

Note: If the game booster lock in some game mode, just uninstall the app and install again to return to normal.

Download Link:

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