Abstract and Awesome Bootanimations LDPI

Hi Guys Presenting Abstract and Awesome Bootanimations LDPI Devices Shared by Xda Member XDRdaniel.

All bootanimations are resized for ldpi. Don't worry , they don't  look like the preview gifs.

Hand Wheel

Spinning Balls

Holles Ball

Lines Circles Squares

Light Balls


Ball Square

Lighted Circuit

Gold Ribbon


Pumping Ball

Ball Spining


Circle Shutter

How to Flash:

o Download the xxx.zip & CWM.zip place in root directory of Sdcard

o Reboot in Recovery mode by pressing vol up+home+Power button together once you enter recovery mode touch screen become function-less so use volume up and down to move up and down, home button for selection and power as back button.

o Now in recovery mode select "apply update from sdcard" and navigate to the root directory of sd card and select cwm file "cwm-madteam-galaxY.zip" this will take you to clockworkMod Recovery.

o Now select "install zip from sd" and then choose xxx.zip and select yes.

o Reboot

Download Links:

Hand Wheel.zip
Spinning Balls.zip
Holles Ball.zip
Lines Circles Squares.zip
Light Balls.zip
Ball Square.zip
Lighted Circuit.zip
Gold Ribbon.zip
Pumping Ball.zip
Ball Spining.zip
Circle Shutter.zip

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