New Experience Jelly Bean Special Edition for Galaxy Mini & Galaxy Y GT-S5360.[Link Updated]

Hi Guys Presenting New Experience Jelly Bean Special Edition for Galaxy Mini & Galaxy Y GT-S5360.Shared by Xda Member autoradio78 & Hacker0377.


Appearance, graphic and utility:

  • Holo Launcher v2.0.3;
  • ICS\JB System Theme (no APK);
  • Fixed at 100% center clock overlapping notification (thanks to squadzone and JerryScript for source);
  • New CMParts with link at new Experience Settings for clock customizations (hide, center, color, am-pm etc), Statusbar customization (change color, trasparency of statusbar and notification background) and applications settings (startup and system application manager);
  • New SystemUI.apk full expandend (hide statusbar when pulldown) in perfect cm10 style;
  • Resized and colored statusbar power widget indicator in ICS-JB style;
  • New Phone.apk in ICS-JB style;
  • New Contacts.apk themed in ICS-JB Syle
  • New Settings.apk with toggles for wifi and bluetooth in ICS-JB style;
  • New Mms.apk by saldymhmd in total ICS-JB style;
  • New shortcut in Settings\Cyanogenmod\System for sim exporter, native battery calibration, native touchscreen calibration, compass, Dev tools and Spare Parts);
  • New shortcut in Settings\Cyanogenmod\Interface for native font changer;
  • Ram Optimizer by Delanoister n BNC in Settings\Cyanogenmod \Performance
  • Big Title in Ics style for calenadar, mms, dsp manager, music, video.
  • Themed in ICS-JB-Blue style default cm 7.2 lockscreens;
  • New Lense lockscreen theme;
  • ICS-JB Patterns style;
  • Atypic feedback in statusbar fixed;
  • New Transitions Jelly Bean style);
  • Tablet Tweaks (softkey) enabled in a framework;
  • Full Roboto Font;
  • Gallery 3D replaced with QuickPic as user application;
  • Camerasound on\off patch by autoradio78;
  • Videosound on\off patch by autoradio78;
  • SunBeam Android 4.3 Wallpaper;
  • New Experience bootanimation logo and default wallpaper;
  • New tones from JB AOKP arrangement(only useful tones).


  • Kernel Tweaks from ActivoSpeeder by F4uzan;
  • Adrenaline Engine 4.4 by ImbaWind;
  • Adrenaline boost by ImbaWind;
  • Setperm tweak by me;
  • Bravia Engine;
  • build.prop new tweaks;
  • Dalvik set at 48m to default;
  • KSM Enabled;
  • Compcache disabled;
  • Dithering disabled;
  • 16 bit trasparency enabled;
  • Scrolling cache disabled to default;
  • HOT!!!! Beats Sound with Dolby Mobile in DPS Manager for perfect sound;
  • Performance OC Kernel to 806 mhz;
  • Ability to install unknown source applications at first boot;
  • Airplane mode active by default after first boot (for those without a data plan);
  • Pre-patched host file (adaway) for not have advertisemant in applications.


  • CM7 SMS/MMS App Improved (with bubbles) by lousou76 [fixed invisible recipients typing];
  • CyanMobile advanced Taskmanager;
  • Superuser app and binary;
  • Gapps in build with latest Google Play Store 4.2.9;
  • Disabled Setup Wizard at first boot;
  • Deleted Voice Dialer TTS;
  • Deleted Pico TTS;
  • Deleted Theme Chooser and Theme Provider;
  • Deleted CM Update Notify;
  • Deleted CM Stats;
  • Deleted Protips;
  • Deleted Genie Widget;
  • Deleted LatinIME cm7 default keyboard;
  • Deleted CMWallpapers;
  • Ram Optimizer by Delanoister n BNC
  • s2e;
  • CPU Temp Widget;
  • File Manager;
  • Achep Timer and Stopwatch app;
  • GPS country optimizer;
  • Rescan Media Root;
  • LMT Pie Control.

More Screenshots Uploading...


First boot and first steps:

Bug and known Issues:

1. As you know, after long efforts have succeeded in bringing the power button below the widget settings, delete notifications etc etc ... however, this force has only two small problems:

- When the Tablet settings you select "status bar at the bottom" .. this just goes down but the power widget, clock and key settings are up;

- When you want to hide the indicator of the power widget you must enable and disable the same to see the effect;

2. After Flash, default color of clock is transparent. go in Settings\Cyanogenmod\New Experience Settings\Clock Tweaks\Clock color and change your favourite color.

How to use odex script built in:

The rom is yet odexed...this script is useful when you add some apps in system\app folder..if you not add..ignore it

1. Open terminal emulator app and type: "su" and give superuser permissions;
2. Type "dexo -h" and read options.

Airplane Mode:

When you first start, you will find in Airplane mode: normal, that's a feature that I wanted to integrate for those who-like me-do not have a data plan and want to avoid losing money with automatic connection.

Adding Google Account:

The Google Account must be entered ONLY from this route: Settings\ Accounts & sync \ Add Account.


- Open s2e application, and give root permissions;
- In the application select ONLY: "Applications", "Private Applications",;
- Not select "cache di download"...may cause problems with Play Store;
- Select "Dalvik Cache" and "Applications data" only if you have a good sdcard

Using Titanium Backup:

Titanium should be used in an intelligent way: no integration of Dalvik cache, no recovery of system applications, no recovery of accounts and access points.

How to Flash:

o  At first if you are on other rom goto stock rom {How to flash via odin guide here }

o  Then reboot in Recovery mode By pressing Volume up + power button + home button then apply update from sd card then select CMW. madteam .Zip

o  Then go to mounts & storage second last option in cwm then select mount & storage then mount all the four things
mount/data, mount/sdcard, mount/system, mount/cache..

o  Flash Precy_g2 cyanogenmod#2 kernel

o Goto Advance and select  Reboot in Recovery

o  Then go to mounts & storage second last option in cwm Format system,data and cache

o  Then select mount & storage then mount all the four things
mount/data, mount/sdcard, mount/system, mount/cache..

o  Then Go back and select install zip from sd card... then choose zip from sd card then choose the from sd card.....

o Select "yes" wait till it finish flashing

o  Then in cwm select wipe data/Factory Reset.

o Reboot now

Note : It takes more time to first boot! don't panic just wait.

Download Links:[For Galaxy Y GT-S5360]

Rom File : Link

Patch : Link

Download Link:[For Galaxy Mini]

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