ICS Monoblack Theme for Stock ROM (Odex/Deodex) Zipthemer Patch

Hi Guys Presenting ICS Monoblack Theme for Stock ROM (Odex/Deodex) Zipthemer Patch is theme for stock rom rooted, I made patch theming for zipthemer. Tested by me running Stock DXMA1 odex.



How to Install:

  • Download zip themer
  • Install as normal apk
  • Setting up zip themer go to menu > edify and browse existing flashable zip in your storage and configure
  • Setting up backup original file go to menu > settings > create undo files > always
  • Setting up new entrie file is not added go to menu > settings > uncheck allow new entrie
  • Download ics_monoblack all part from attachment
  • Open zipthemer choose +theme and choose parts of ics_monoblack one by one (for making patch all in one zip flashable)
  • If parts of ics_monoblack already choosed then click build it!
  • Zip flashable created in root of your sdcard with name *_update.zip and *_undo.zip for revert back
  • Reboot recovery flash *_update.zip
  • Done

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