Latest Google Play Store 4.2.9 APK


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Whats Added:

Version 4.2.3 already paved the way and gave us a clue that restricted accounts would be coming - a fact that was confirmed as a big new feature in 4.3 yesterday. 4.2.9 seems to be an even more minor release, with several new image assets, a few new strings, and supposedly some minimal UI changes to the widgets (the word hotseat comes up a lot). Neither Ron nor I were able to discern the differences in any of the widgets, however. Again, this is really minor stuff here. You can find Ron's teardown here, but essentially all the stuff he mentions is below.
The new images are:
  • flo_widget_empty_logo.png
  • ic_menu_check_holo_light.png
  • ic_hotseat_check_book.png
  • ic_hotseat_check_magazine.png
  • ic_hotseat_check_movies.png
  • ic_hotseat_check_music.png

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