Bubble Launcher full version v1.81 APK


It can be used on top of every opened app.

The starter halo hotspot is made as floating system window, so it can be on top of everything on screen!
The Launcher comes with a standard listview and circle halo knob

for selecting an starting an app.

Hotspot -> swipe left -> opens Circle Launcher;

Hotspot -> swipe up -> opens Settings;

Hotspot -> swipe down -> opens App-List-Launcher;

Short Tap on App in List -> HALO)))-start of app;

Long Tap on App in List -> Fullscreen-start of app:
circle launcher -> circle swipe to outside -> fast release -> HALO)))-start of app;

circle launcher -> circle swipe to outside -> wait a second release -> fullscreen-start of app;
circle launcher -> circle swipe inside Halo-knob -> no app will be startet;

Bubble Launcher supports Halo))) start of apps in MULTI_WINDOW on Paranoid Android 3.56 and above!

And of course you can start apps also in Fullscreen Mode.

On non Paranoid OS the apps will always be started in Fullscreen Mode.
In the full version of Bubble Launcher you can mark any app as blacklisted or favorite.

Blacklisted apps will never be shown in the launcher lists.

Favorite apps are listed on top of standard list view and are the only listed apps in circle launcher mode.

What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 4, 2013)

  • Major bug fixed (Force Close when comma separated app names found, i.e. 'Dragon, Fly!')
  • Settings Panel Holo themed
  • Settings Panel via Menu Button from views
  • Long press icons in Favorites Panel -> fullscreen start(under PA 3.56+) is back


Note : Compatible with Galaxy Y

UPDATED on : Jul 04, 2013

Required Android : 1.6 and up.

Version : 1.81

Download Links : [ARMV6, ARMV7]


Bubble Launcher full version v1.81 APK

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