The Runes Guild - Beginning v2.6 APK [ARMv6-7]


The Runes Guild - Beginning is an action game where you will save the nation from The Dark Guild.

Amazing action with HD Graphics !!

Optimized HD with the possibility to change detail level to fit your device.

Hours of gameplay

  • Many different locations
  • Traps
  • Great variety of Enemies
  • Progressing difficulty
  • Character Levels
  • Skill Points
  • Spells
  • Learning Runes (allow Spell improvements)
  • Spells Leveling
  • Coins
  • Buy HP and MP
  • Collectable Items (story details)

UPDATED on : May 27, 2013
Required Android : 2.2 and up.

Version : 2.6

Download Links : [ARMV6, ARMV7 & Up]

Download APK : ARMv6


Download APK : ARMv7


Just Install Apk and Play....

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