Sony's New PlayStation Mobile on Galaxy Y & All Android Device

Sony's PlayStation Mobile for Android just went live for certified devices last night. But what if you don't have a certified device, which so far includes only a number of Sony phones and tablets.I was surfing and get this awesome app for the Gamers who like to play PlayStaion, now it is on Mobile and works on our low-end device Galaxy Y.Credit Goes to XxXPachaXxX.

Steps to follow :

1. Download the Playstation®Mobile.apk and install it.
After installing it you will get an error. Dont worry.

Download Link : PSM.apk

2. Now you need to download the following zip and flash(I have modified the zip)

Download Link :

Note: Just to be clear once again, you have to be rooted to install the helper files and If you're not rooted yet, first figure out how to do so to your device and then come back.

This relies on having busybox, which if you're rooted, you likely already do.

3. Alternatively, if you don't want to flash from recovery or just like to know what you're doing, you can perform the steps manually while booted into Android:
Unzip the zip file downloaded in step 2.
Copy ertified.xml to /system/etc/permissions/ on your device.
Copy ied.jar to /system/framework/ on your device.
Set the permissions on to 644 (read/write, read, read) using your favorite file manager or command line.

4. Reboot.

Note : You need to be registered on playstation network to play games.
Register as citizen of United kingdom or Japan as I have tested other countries are not working.

PS - Tested and Working fine on my Galaxy Y

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