LynxAudio Engine v1.1.3 for Galaxy Y


Hi Guys Proudly present LynxAudio Engine v1.1.3 for Galaxy Y As you all know that i have already posted.

2. LynxAudio v1.0.1

ALSA + BeatsAudio Engine = LynxAudio

This MOD is based on ALSA a.k.a PureXAudio and BeatsAudio patched and Tweaks by xda Member androite.

This MOD will work on any Custom ROM.

Please remove any audio booster or audio equalizer otherwise this MOD will not work and show Force Close or app crashed.

Whats new in this update :

LynxAudio Engine v1.1.3
  • Compatible with Stock deodex Rom

  • Moded stock Music Player.
  • Light weight.
  • Soft focused on Sound Quality.
  • fixed small bugs.

Know bugs: 
Volume+ may show FC in some ROM, especially in Stock deoxed ROM.

If the volume+ show FC no need to uninstall it. Leave it as it is do not open it. If uninstalled may the sharp quality you will not experience.
    • New and powerful audio libraries
    • ALSA which AUTO CONFIGS settings for your audio chip
    • 100% overall audio improvement
    • Re-Enabled AudioPreProcessing features (Automatic Gain Control, Noise Suppressor and Acoustic Echo Cancelling)
    • Ultra Clear High Frequency treble
    • Crystal Clear vocals and background vocals
    • Alive, beating drums
    • Qualcomm Audio mode set to FluencePRO
    • Enabled Qualcomm Surround-Sound recording
    • Less Audio clipping
    • Less Distortions
    • More Dynamic Range
    NOTE :

    1.Sometimes, if you play music, it could take a few seconds to let Sound Enhancements load your settings (This is normal)

    2.The speaker's audio quality becomes worse as you increase volume, this is because our speaker cannot output good audio quality at loud volumes.It is impossible to keep audio quality and loud volume because of out hardware.

    Download Link :

    LynxAudio Engine Link

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