Freedom - In app Purchase Hack v0.8.7 [Buy game items for free]


Your Phone/device must have installed All Google services. Including Google talk and Google play. And A Root is Required. 

Note : not work in the new Google play: 4.0.25

To activate the Freedom on your device follow the steps below:

  • Download -  Freedom v0.8.7. apk from below 
  • Install and Open
  • Select the app you want to buy for free.

NOTE:  You must be connected to the Internet during the whole process!

1. Install and Open the app

Install apk and open ( The first time takes a while, Keep patience! ) From root access app

2. Choose the app / game

Choose the app / game on the list and it opened automatically:

3. Make sure that the tab of Google wallet appear the "free card" that means that everything is working as it should:

This program Doesn't worked in online games!

If your app / game is not working for a look at the list of games tested here is the report of the majority of games:  Link List

If you want to pause the Freedom, open, go to MENU, and then STOP. there you can pause the Freedom successfully. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS - YOU CAN NOT USE GOOGLE PLAY !

Download Link:

Freedom v0.8.7.apk

Freedom v0.8.7.apk link 2

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