BattleFriends at Sea PREMIUM v1.1.5 APK


Experience the ad-free, PREMIUM version of BattleFriends at Sea, the groundbreaking social game everyone is talking about!

Now you can sink your friends’ ships with:

  • no advertisements interrupting the fun
  • 450 Gold (worth $7!) as a thank you gift for supporting us.

Challenge your friends to a naval battle! Play with Facebook pals or defy a random opponent and set the sea on fire in this stunning re-imagining of a beloved classic.

If you already have the free version, upgrading is easy as pie - all your friends, money and experience will carry over to the PREMIUM edition. However, we strongly advise you to delete the free version before installing this one.


Easy to pick-up and fun to play!

Everybody knows these rules so you won’t have any trouble finding allies and enemies alike.

Challenge friends, control the pace!

Invite your friends by Facebook or e-mail. Take a short break to fire just one shot or play many turns at once when you have more time.

Completely cross-platform!

Start playing on the phone at work, continue on tablet at home.

Become a legend of the seas!

Gain experience and increase your rank to become an admiral and impress your friends.

Next generation of naval warfare!

Experience the cutting edge of mobile gaming thanks to 3D graphics and cinematic close-ups.

Push Notifications

Be alerted when it’s your turn to shoot.

What's in this version: (Updated : June 4, 2013)

  • Full English translation!
  • Abilty to view the board outside of battle!
  • Graphical enhancements!
  • Gold doubler!
  • Improved stability!
  • Minor bug fixes!
  • Brand new elite ranks!

UPDATED on : June 04, 2013

Required Android : 2.2 and up.

Version : 1.1.5

Download Links : [ARMV6, ARMV7 & Up]



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