Blade of Darkness ARMv6 APK



  • Gear arbitrarily provided four classes of weapons and three classes of guards, completely more than 49,000 sorts of collocation! 
  • Completely open 3d planet, wherein you might pick the combat zone that fits you best to battle creatures, while not the designated endeavor track. 
  • Arbitrary prisons, maps of cells are produced at irregular and so are distinctive for every section. 
  • Prize for day by day assignments, and supplemental grant may be procured through day by day errands. 
  • An agreeable encounter in combo 
  • Helpful and fabulous modes of operation, and exceedingly mixed Ui framework 
  • More than 32 sorts of mixtures of creatures, and 70-evaluation creatures 
  • Superexcellent beast Ai; to battle against them, you require some insight and aptitudes, for they are no more extended huge tricks. 
  • The mode of stadium permits you to contend with your companion! 
  • The systems administration mode gives the joy of whipping beasts together with your companion! 
  • The participation mode: you might decide to control major parts, and a few devotees will turn into your astounding collaborators!

Required Android : 2.3 and up.

Version : 1.0

Download Links : [ARMV6 & ARMV7]


Blade of Darkness ARMv6 APK

Note : Language Chinese

Just Install Apk and Play....

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