How to Root,Unroot,CWM,and Flash Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i.


Hi Guys Today i will show you How to Root,Unroot,CWM,and Flash Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i.

Note : This guide is only for s5830i !!DON'T USE FOR s5830!!It can damage your phone!!

How to root Galaxy Ace s5830i :

o Download the place in main directory in the SD card.

o Reboot in Recovery mode by pressing vol up+home+Power button together once you enter recovery mode touch screen become function-less so use volume up and down to move up and down, home button for selection and power as back button.

o Now in recovery mode select Install zip from sd 


Reboot your phone and it's ready.There must be a Superuser icon in your Apps menu.

How to Unroot Galaxy Ace s5830i :

o  Exactly the same just put the file unroot in your main directory and follow the steps.


1.Put the file in your main directory in SD again.
2.Turn off phone.
3.Boot in Recovery and select apply
4.Select ClockWorkRec5830i.
5.You have CWR but don't delete from the SD because 
every time you want to use it you must install it from the SD!!

Flashing s5830i with Odin v1.85 ;

1.Turn off the phone and put it in Download mode by pressing Power+Volume Up+volume down.
2.Open Odin v1.84.Run as Administrator!.
3.Put the files in Odin and don't touch the settings
4.If it's a one-file firmware put it in PDA section.
If it's multiple put the files in the correct section.
5.Click start and don't touch the phone!Don't turn off computer and don't unplug the phone!It will reboot automatically and the first boot will take some time,so don't panic!

Note : If you have "bricked" your s5830i a.k.a stuck at samsung logo just download Odin and flash PDA.tar from the link .

Everything you're doing is up to you!I'm not responsible if you don't read!There's a binary counter on s5830i so be careful with flashing!

Download Links: Link Link Link

S5830i Downloader.rar Link

PDA.tar Link

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