New Experience Jelly Bean Special Edition [CM7.2] Custom Rom For Galaxy Y

Hi Guys Presenting New Experience Jelly Bean Special Edition [CM7.2] Custom Rom For Galaxy Y Shared by Xda Member duduaxe the look of this rom is very used the RC2 Whitexp base.At First Have Look Some Screnshots Running JB Special Edition on our Galaxy y.

Appearance, graphic and utility: 

- Experience New Launcher (full modded Zeam Launcher); 

- ICS \ JB System Theme (in APK);

- New Jelly Bean Statusbar (CM 10.0) with power widget under jb carrier, clock, date, settings and clear button, clickable notifications and closon;

- ICS Themed in-JB-Style Blue default lockscreens 7.2 cm;

- ICS JB-style Patterns;

- Statusbar widget indicator color poer pressetted in ICS-JB Style (smali mod);

- Atypic feedback in statusbar fixed;

- New Transitions style Bean Jelly);

- Tablet Tweaks (softkey) enabled in the framework;

- Statusbar Clock Center (fixed black statusbar with active softkeys);

- Full Roboto Font;

- New Resized Cyanogenmod 10 (Jelly Bean) Settings.apk;

- New Wallpaper Cyanogenmod (New Experience Wallpaper) Mix (Jelly Bean 4.1 and 4.2, Ics, HoneyComb and other);

- Replaced 3D Gallery with QuickPic the user application;

- Camerasound on \ off by autoradio78 patch;

- Videosound on \ off by autoradio78 patch;

- Experience New bootanimation default logo and wallpaper;

- New tones from JB AOKP arrangement (only useful tones).

- ActivoSpeeder by F4uzan; 

- HOT!: 90% graphic rendering with GPU;

- New build.prop tweaks;

- Dalvik Set at 24m to default;

- Compcache disabled;

- Dithering disabled;

- 16 bit enabled trasparency;

- Scrolling cache disabled to default;

- HOT!! Sound xLOUD working with DPS Manager for perfect sound;

- BRAVIA Engine;

- Performance Kernel OC to 832 mhz;

- Ability to install unknown source applications at first boot;

- Debug usb notifactions removed from statusbar;

- Airplane mode active by default after first boot (For Those without a date plan);

- Pre-patched host file (adaway) is in not have advertisemant applications.

- CM7 SMS / MMS App Improved (with bubbles) by lousou76 [fixed invisible recipients typing]; 

- CyanMobile advanced Taskmanager;

- Build with latest Gapps in Google Play Store 3:10:14;

- Disabled Setup Wizard at first boot;

- Deleted Voice Dialer TTS;

- Deleted Pico TTS;

- Deleted and Theme Chooser Theme Provider;

- Deleted Update Notify CM;

- Deleted CM Stats;

- Deleted Protips;

- Deleted Genie Widget;

- Deleted LatinIME CM7 default keyboard;

- Hacker's Keyboard;

- S2E;

- CPU Temp widget;

- ICS SGSII digital clock widget style by autoradio78;

- File Manager;

- Timer and Stopwatch app Achep;

- Faster GPS;

- Battery Calibrator;

- Rescan Media Root.

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