Chimpact v1.2 APK


Luscious environments with a variety of delightful characters make Chimpact top of its class. Collect gems, medallions and bananas by chucking your chimp through stunning jungle landscapes. Use bananas to add abilities to your chimp and complete all levels perfectly.

Game Features:

  • Simple, one-touch gameplay
  • Four stunningly lush worlds with 12 levels each
  • Two complete game modes to beat: Gem Quest and Totem Trail
  • 240 challenge medallions to earn
  • Eight abilities to earn and three chimps to unlock
  • Beautiful environments + cute characters

Required Android : 2.1 and Superior

Version : 1.2

Download Links : {Armv6 & Armv7}

Google Play Apk Link


Just Install Apk & Play...

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