Animus™[Xtreme][2.3.7][Based on cm7] Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y GT - S5360.[Link Update]

Hi Guys we All Know i have already posted the full screenshots and features of Animus™[Xtreme][2.3.7][Based on cm7] Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y GT - S5360 on my previous post now we proceed to next step how to install this rom on our Galaxy y.


o Jelly bean and Ice cream sandhwich themed. 

o Jelly bean platlogo 

o CM7 Themes compatible 

o Build prop tweaks 

o init.d tweaks 

o MUCH more! Explore them all by using the ROM! 

This Custom Rom is only meant for Samsung galaxy y model gt-s5360. Use it at your own Risk we will not be held responsible for what ever happens to your device. The information provided here is only for instructional and educational purpose.

How to Flash :

Here are the steps to be followed for a perfect installation.

o  At first if you are on other rom goto stock rom {How to flash via odin guide here }

o  Install whitexp's kernel (1.3.3) (via ODIN){How to Install Whitexp kernel guide here}

o  Then reboot in Recovery mode By pressing Volume up + power button + home button then apply update from sd card then select CMW. madteam .Zip

o  Then go to mounts & storage second last option in cwm then select mount & storage

o  Format /System

o  Then Mount / System

o  Then go back select wipe data then yes wipe data.

o  Then Go back and select install zip from sd card... then choose zip from sd card then choose the from sd card.....

o Select "yes" wait till it finish flashing

o Reboot now

Note : It takes more time to first boot! don't panic just wait.

Video Guide by Kaushal Soon....


1. Not using Stock kernel/or other kernel
2. Have installed any external mods/tweaks
3. Have modified any of the system files.


o Wifi 

o Camera 

o GSM 

o 3G 

o 2G 

o Touchscreen 

o Hardware 

o Much more 


o Bluetooth 


i am facing colour flicking problem and cpu frequency is also not changing camera is not working showing memory error what to do??


Try to wipe data and cache from recovery. The colour flicker comes very rarely. The CPU frequency an be changed with a good app like ROM toolbox or something else. The camera is working for me. If its not working then push the cm7OriginalCamera.apk(link) in /system/app and remove the "Camera Illusion" app from the phone with the help of link2sd.You can also install the "cm7OriginalCamera.apk as a normal app. Then again go to google play and then download "Camera Illusion". And now enjoy!
Please remember that camera works because of the app "Camera Illusion". So for using camera, always use Camera Illusion.
I am working on the framework again for the colour flicker to be removed FOREVER!

NOTE: FOR PLAYING HD GAMES, dev added the CF3D app as a system app. Now no need to download it from GOOGLE PLAY.

FOR HD Videos, Download the "Mxplayer and its codec for arm v6 from Google play. LINK : 

Download Section :

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