9 THEAMED VERSIONS Launcher for Galaxy Y

Hi Guys Presenting 9 THEAMED VERSIONS Launcher for Galaxy Y Shared by Xda member xXx~SHLOK~xXx.

3. Pink Lady Theme Screens 

 4. Pixel Theme Screens 

5. Sunshine Theme Screens

6. Temple Theme Screens 

7. Zen Theme Screens 

8. Season Theme Screens

9. Sky Clear theme Screens

 Added Features:
  • Added a button in app drawer that takes you to downloaded apps, just like s3
  • Revamped the icons
  • Made the app drawer look like S3(thanks Sam-Ron)
  • Fixed some bugs with the widgets
  • Added Multi select in app Drawer (double tapp any icon to select it)
  • Added Icon effect
  • Changed some wallpapers to S3 style ( i am working on custom shake wallpapers)
  • Added new anim when we switch from apps to downloaded apps

NOTE: dev removed the Icon backgrounds (the screenshots were taken before removing)

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