Zello Rom for Galaxy Y


Rom is well known for the signature Blue color which is actually very cool to the eyes. Originally shared by a group called zello galyoungers (website not found). Thanks to theme for creating this wonderful rom.
Basically, you get lots of cool UI on these rom. Has this feel of coolness of it because of the blue colored theme and nice features. Very good ram management and smooth and stable. A bit of transparency but overall, really good.

Basic Features:

  • Based DXLE1(Pake DXLC1 juga bisa ko)
  • Kernel Zello support ext4, init.d, swap, VPN, firewall, CIFS, 14 Governor, 5 I/O, 2 freq (3 include deep sleep)
  • Blue Settings
  • 8 Lockscreen with many option style
  • Timescape widgets for Fcaebook , Gmail , Message , Calls etc
  • Xperia like Dialer
  • Xperia like Contacts
  • Xperia UI
  • Zello bootanimation
  • Zello power on sound
  • Statusbar Tweaks
  • Carier Tweaks
  • Swipe to Remove Notification
  • samsung Keyboard (Include Xperia Keyboard)
  • Mms Transparant ( Mirip Kaca Mobil Honda Jazz)
  • Lidroid Customization
  • Area Relaxatation
  • And many more..

Please read terms and conditions before installing this rom.




  • flashlight bug
  • extension of sd card ext 3 or ext 4 errors.

Installation: (Better flash firmware version DXLF1 stock rom before installing

- Download zip
- place it on sd card
- boot to recovery (power up+home+volume up)
- open cwm (download from tweaks page)
- do data and cache wipe
- install the rom zip
- reboot (may take 1-5min)
- boot again to cwm and flash update fix

For better battery consumption, flash savie kernel (optional)


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