The CoD Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with Patch


The CoD Rom is based on stock DDLF2 with ICS Trans theme is used as an extra theme along with Creeds Rom and Kernel used in this Rom by dev is kuro kernel (a lil bit modified init.rc file to allow system to handle CPU) as because Kuro kernel it is smooth, fast, minimalistic and stable. This Rom is developed by deepakjoshid007 senior member of XDA so thanks him for his work .This Rom doesn't support apps2sd as the kernel doesn't support it you can use Link2SD or you may use kuro script to mount ext partition as "data".

Main Features:

  • Fully transparent UI with JellyBean and ICS feel.
  • Modified stock apps no third party apps at all ( just one xperia launcher)
  • Improved swipe to remove notifications
  • 6 lockscreens
  • Stusbar tweaks + 15 toggles (EDT)
  • Features come from the kernel like governers and frequecy init.d.
  • Bravia Engine integrated
  • Fast and stable

Miscellaneous Features :
  • Fully Deodexed , Zipaligned.
  • Removed some bloatwares.
  • Extended Settings app
  • ICS like Dialer and Phone app.
  • Statusbar fully jellybean themed.
  • Transparent MMS app with skins , removed auto SMS to MMS conversion and increased recipents limit.
  • Transparent Gtalk, contacts, music app.
  • New market with wish list and no restrictions ( But you only can see the app downloading not compitible app may or may not work) (credits to original poster)
  • All google apps already updated and market update compatible.
  • Smooth scrolling through disabled scrolling cache.
  • Added init.d scripts for batter performance ( Thanks to Kurotsugi again).
  • Xperia launcher with settings and already integrated Meego Icon theme.
  • Extended Power Menu
  • Multiple language support.

Device Name: Samsung Galaxy Y model GT- S5360
Rom Name :
Size: 109.76 MB
Extra Google Apps:
Size: 11.69 MB


This custom Rom is only meant for Samsung Galaxy y GT-S5360 and not for other devices. Use it at your own risk we will not be held responsible if you brick or damage or whatever happens to your device while following our instructional guide.

Installation Instruction:

  • Backup your system and charge battery full before proceeding.
  • As this Rom is splitted in two parts one is the Rom and other is Google Apps download both and from the link above.
  • Put both the zip files in the root of your's phone SDcard
  • If you dont have CWM then download it also and put it on the root of your SDcard and turn your phone off.
  • Reboot into recovery mode then flash the cwm zip and get into cwm recovery and backup your current Rom.
  • Now go CWM recovery's advance option and reboot the recovery then wipe data and cache from stock recovery.
  • Flash again CWM recovery and wipe data and cache there also.
  • Now select install zip from SDcard and select
  • Wait till it gets installed then wipe data and cache(optional) and reboot.
  • It will take time to reboot just wait..............
  • Use the Rom for sometime play around with the settings see if everything is working or not
  • After using your phone for around 15 mins reboot into recovery and flash and reboot.
Congratulation! you have successfully installed The CoD RoM on your Samsung Galaxy y GT-S5360 if you find any bug post on thread page so developer can fix it on next update.


  1. cannot install
    Installation aborted error
    plz fix asap plzzz.........

  2. Cannot installs gapps file
    Installation aborted error plzzzz fix it asap plzzzz

  3. Very beautiful, very stable, very fast ROM.

    I just love it, never thought Young could be so NOT laggy - all kinds of complex animations are extremely smooth and app startup times are very fast once you set the CPU governor to BLACKCATS or PERFORMANCE (Settings->Parts->CPU Settings).

    Been testing for only a few hours, so not sure about the battery life, however considering the RAM and CPU usage, I suspect it will very very good.

    Amazing job done here! I know I will use this ROM for a long time to come.

  4. Wonderful Work..!!
    Converts your phone into a masterpiece. Very stable and fast, especially I appreciate default fonts provided. So many settings for ease. Using since 3 days only but could not stop me write this comment. Still now, no bug found.

  5. What is the baseband version to install this ROM ?
    coz i got a bootlove on my DXLE XSE Indonesia region..

    Please,,, answer...



  6. What is the baseband version to install this ROM ?
    Coz i got bootlove on my DXLE1 XSE Indonesia Region
    Please, Answer...


  7. Really beautiful. No issue at all. Everything is working as good as the stock rom, and even better. I want to thank the developer for this wonderful job. (I'm using it right now.)

  8. Extremely fast...!!! I loved it..! I have tried 3 diffeent Roms till date: Stock 2.3.6(factory version that came with the fone), jelly blast and creed v3.5. All others had made my fone dead slow. This one is like a jet fighter within a crowd of boats...!!

    too good .. Excellent work

  9. hey, (i have the above CoD ROM installed recently) I have a query here - My galaxy y acts a little sluggish while identifying contacts. meaning that while there is an incoming phone call, it only shows the number instead of the name. then only after about 3- 5 seconds of ringing it gets the name. anybody else experiencing this delay ? I have about 1000 (one thousand) contacts.

    thanks in advance

  10. Yo, you're very humble with your post, that's good. I have a question please reply.

    My phone is galaxy y Baseband version: S5360XXK16 Kernel version: official.totoro@andriode#98 build number: GINGERBREAD.DDLC3

    So, can I flash this rom? I really think its awesome. I'm using creed from 3.5 I will appreciate your reply. Sorry I'm just a newbie. I've bricked my phone once and its scary....

  11. yes u can flash this rom on your devices which u have mention

  12. Thanks dude, but I will try flashing the stock rom first... The Kernel Version does not change though but I'll try.. thanks and keep it up!

  13. thanks dude but I will flash the stock rom first even the kernel version doesnt change though.. I'll try! thanks and keep it up!

  14. the rom works great...yhnk u..:) :D

  15. Just installed,so far so good...good work keet it going.

  16. is there a bug on this ROM ?(sorry for my english im from Indonesia)

  17. Perfect, just perfect. Thanks very much. so stable and very very fast.

  18. hello

    i just installed this ROM for the first time on my phone gts5360. this is my first time installing a third party software and i have started to use it and just looking at it i am falling in love with , just hope that all features and apps work well. that's it.

    thank you very ,much love it!!!

  19. hello

    i just installed this rom for the very first time on my phone my very first custom ROM and done all by myself , simple and easy to use if you follow the instructions properly. i only hope that all the things and apps work perfectly that's it. thank you , thank you very much

    just love it

    thanks a lot!!!! :)

  20. awsome.... perfect!!!!! i love it ... indonesia says.... top markotop