Speed 3D Racing for Armv6 Apk { Urban Chaser }

Speed 3D Racing

The roar of the engines, the gleam of the steel, the thrill of the race!

Play “Speed 3D Racing” and live the adrenaline rush of this exciting 3D racing game. Jump behind the wheel and challenge your opponents in the competition of a lifetime!

Speed, action, power, adventure!
* Dozens of top-notch racing vehicles, thousands of parts for modification, and just one mantra: Winner takes all!
* 30 story levels and 11 characters throughout eight game modes. Race down the city track at` lightning speed.
* 80 arena levels, 11 legendary drivers, utilizing a unique energy-slot system and gesture command to control the racing action. Experience a fresh and unique kind of gameplay.
* Urban construction features: upgrade your shops, build up your home, harvest resources, and gain strength. Try out the street challenge mode.
* Hire talented assistants. Each lovely female assistant offers the player her own special abilities, bringing new features and challenges to the game.

Operating characteristics:
* Three modes of control: control the action via the touch screen by tapping, sliding or using the gravity sensor. Choose the best method of control to suit your style. A master of the game can achieve unlimited injections of liquid nitrogen to maximize the performance of the car. Total control of your vehicle is essential to the mastery of the game cornering, drifting, and crashing into rival cars. Feel the speed live for the race.
* Arena: Use a unique finger gesturing system to control and command multiple drivers. Equip and develop your own team of drivers to compete in the arena.
* Street challenge mode: Challenge an increasingly difficult AI in unknown street challenges. Are you up to it?

Game features:
* Test your racing prowess in career mode. You will get to know Michael and Leo and help them regain the friendship and the honor that they have lost.
* Drive your way from rookie to pro. Enhance your power through constant challenges, gain prestige, battle through obstacles, and fight Boss DK for the 2012 Urban Chaser Championship title.

Let the race begin!

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