The best fantasy infinite runner!
Do not hesitate to run, jump over barriers&cliffs, and slash at enemies! FxR is an exciting game that causes you to be addicted to the game. You can play FxR with its RPG like features such as companion system, boss monsters, quest system, and berserk system!
Game Features
-Fantastically fun and addicting. You can dash forward, jump over barriers and cliffs, hunt monsters while running faster and faster to rush forward god-like 10000 meters.
-Make combos to get higher scores. Go berserk and get more combos!
-Exciting music and beautiful 2D graphics in 3D space make you enjoy FxR more.
-Explore 5 unique stages, kill powerful boss monsters, and clear a lot of quests.
-Deal with diverse creatures with 12 distinctive heroes. Kill monsters and root them to earn rubies to gather your own party.

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  1. Sir this is not working with Samsung Galaxy Young, i've tried it with my rooted device , it cannot be installed, if i am doing anything wrong kindly email me at

  2. Sir, good day, this application cannot be installed with my Samsung Galaxy Y 2.3.6, if there are any steps missing, kindly email me at