Adrenaline Engine 4.2 Tweaks for Galaxy Y


Hey, I have found a tweak better than v6SuperCharger tweaks. As now it is battery sucking, has many bugs. But AdrenalineEngine 4.2 tweak is better than that.


✔ Increase touchscreen sensitivity

✔ Less RAM usage through zipalign. | World first smart zipaligning

✔ Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access. | World first smart sqlite optimizing

✔ Faster disk access through remount script (noatime, disabled barrier etc) | World first smart remounting

✔ Better network throughput from TCP tweaks and 3G tweaks

✔ Tons of prop tweaks

✔ Overall Better Performance and Battery Life

✔ Less lags through LMK Tweak and Various VM Tweak

✔ Faster SDCARD Read/Write Speed

✔ Bypass website like / etc.

- Do not try this on Repencis ROMs.
- Your kernel must support init.d scripts (White Kernel, Merruk, Stock Deodexed Kernel).

How to Install?

1. Download the Adrenaline zip file. Download Link

2. Switch off your phone & boot in CWM Recovery.

3. Select "/mount/data" & "/mount/system/" under "mounts and storage" option.

4. Select Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard > Select

5. When installed, select Reboot system now.

Phone will restart.

To know is it working or not, check your /data folder via Root Explorer and there will be "adrenaline" folder.h

To uninstall, boot in cwm and /mount/system and install Uninstall zip & reboot.

Note : I am not responsible for any damage so try it at your own risk!


  1. Can u explain step 3

  2. in cwm go in advance tab there u will find option to mount all those :-)