Use Custom Rom Boot Animations on Galaxy Y { Tutorial }


Today I'm going to show you how to make your Galaxy Y use custom boot animations on a stock ROM. Now most But not all custom ROMs have this enabled. However, stock ROMs cannot display your custom bootanimation just like that.


ROM Toolbox or any other Root Browser app
Boot -download Link

Step 1:

1. After you have downloaded the Boot file, extract it using WinRAR or 7zip
2. Transfer the 2 extracted files to your SD card wherever you want.
3. Start your Root Browser app and go to your SD card directory, select the 2 files and select either Copy or Move.
4. Go to the directory /system/bin and paste the 2 files in there.
5. Enjoy

Step 2:

Installing the custom Boot Animation:

1. Choose any custom boot animation you like (The file should be called
2. As mentioned above, you need a Root Browser app again, so transfer the somewhere to your SD card and start your Root Browser app
3.Incase the file system is r/o permission, tap the Mount r/w button if needed. In ROM Toolbox you don't need to.
4. Copy the file to /system/media
5. Reboot and enjoy.

I will not be liable for any damage you cause to your phone (bootloops, etc) So do this at your own risk!

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