Here Comes The Most Fun And Challenging Zombie Game "Zombie Village"


Zombie Village Is The Most Fun And Challenging Game If You Are So Into About Zombie Game...
You Are The Only Survival Citizen Who Can Deal With The Zombies Which Walk Around All Over The Village, Kill The Endless Zombies With Your Stick, Gunshot, Or Even Thunder Gun.
Making The Most Of Your Limited Resource, Kill The Most Of The Zombies, Collecting More Money And Ammunition To Buy More Powerful Weapons, Which Can Kill The Zombies Quicker.
The Game Goes On Forever, Until The Zombies Finally Catch You And Snack On Your Tasty Brain.
6 Different Weapons You Could Buy And Use;
Different Types Of Zombies,Except The Normal Zombies, Some Are Very Quick, Some Are Hard To Die;
Specific Graphic Design And Animations;
Multi- Touch Function;

Here Are Some Screen Shots

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